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Rather than solving problems or dealing with difficulties, coaching operates from the concern –

•  How can I make things even better?

•  How can I become even more resourceful and effective?

This is the generative use of psychology – to generate new levels of competence, success and well being rather than the remedial use of psychology – of fixing problems.

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•  Strategy Management.
•  Business Excellence
•  Motivational Talks.

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•  Leadership
•  Soft Skills Trainings

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Vision :

To become a Premier People Excellence Developer in Asia through Training, Advisory Services, Mentoring, Professional Speaking and Meta Coaching

Mission :

To become the most valuable transformation agent and a catalyst helping people unleash their highest potential by accessing their inner greatness

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Why Us?

Meta Coaching, we evoke excellence in others by helping them to access their inner greatness and achieve long term excellent performance in every aspect of their lives
With more than 33 years experience in the Industry and having been there and done that, Muru brings tremendous wealth of experience to the table
We tailor our courses to suit the needs of individual Customers.