• In today's VUCA business environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), People are struggling to make sense and charter their journey in a noisy, complex, confusing and ever changing world.

    With Globalization, Intense Competition, Fast technological obsolescence, Demanding Customers, Demand for Customized products and services, Demanding, Competent & mobile workforce, the pressure to perform has never been greater in the entire history of human kind.

    This poses a serious problem. How do people cope up?

    The answer is META-COACHING.

    Today, top professionals in a great range of fields, from CEOs to Entrepreneurs and Small business owners employ personal coaches.

    Then, the question arises – What is Coaching?

    From one perspective, Coaching is the positive side of therapy.

    Rather than solving problems or dealing with difficulties, coaching operates from the concern;
      - How can I make things even better?
       - How can I become even more resourceful and effective?

    This is the generative use of psychology – to generate new levels of competence, success and well being rather than the remedial use of psychology – of fixing problems.

    A well trained and qualified personal coach needs to have a good understanding and background in psychology regarding human functioning and especially the self actualizing processes that enable a person to move to peak experiences and performances.

    Because coaching focuses on performance – on empowering people to produce higher quality behaviors, the coach will focus on resources.   - What resources an executive needs in order to enhance his or her performance?
       - What does an executive need to know or learn?
       - What does an executive need to implement?

    SWRV Meta Coaches uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Neuro semantics (NS).

    Coaching with NLP / NS means using the cutting edge technologies about how our brains work and how to run them for State management (NLP) and to create enhancing meanings at all levels of our minds (NS).

    It means using these cognitive behavioral domains to translate great ideas intot actual practice in our lives. It means using Neuro linguistic patterns for incorporating the best practices that enhances mental, emotional, verbal, behavioral and relational performance.

    Through Meta Coaching, we evoke excellence in others by helping them to access their inner greatness and achieve long term excellent performance – in every aspect of their lives. SWRV MetaCoaches provides   - Transformational Coaching
       - Developmental Coaching
       - Performance Coaching

  • In a VUCA world, in a borderless world. The Executives in the corporate workplace today make bigger, better and faster decisions with more complexities. With performance pressure and long working hours that have become norms of working life, there is an increasing demand for finding the balance in "Work/Life", and a need for continuous renewal and recharging. Without such continuous renewal and recharging, almost everyone realizes that it is impossible to sustain such fast pace and relentless performance in the long run. The price executives pay is Burn-out.

    As an executive you have already achieved a great deal, but you want more and sustain it for long term without the burn-out
      - What do I need to do to sustain my success in the corporate world?"
       - "How can I have a well-balanced and rewarding work-life?"
       - What do I want to achieve next?
       - How do I accomplish even greater goals without losing that balance?

    Geared at individuals who wish to develop themselves, executive coaching can play a pivotal role in both your professional and personal development lines, be it boosting effectiveness, enhancing performance and value to your company, or strengthening your chances of promotions and salary raises.

  • Today, major achievements in Organizations are carried out by dedicated teams – a group of people with complimentary skill sets working towards a common objective.

    A group of people put together do not make a team. The group of people go through various stages before they become a team. The criteria for a High performance team include, among other things, Team spirit, Team work, Inclusion, Cohesion, Supportive environment, Democracy, Flexibility etc

    However, team members bring with them various conflicting opinions, ways and means of doing things, conflicting values and meaning to the work. This makes it challenging for the team members to work together unless these differences are managed systematically.

    SWRV Meta Coaches provide Group and Team coaching services through Group & Team Coaching. The focus here is on Groups, Group dynamics, Teams, Interpersonal Relationships, Organizational Development, Coaching for Motivation, Buy-in, Responsibility, Contribution and Productivity.

    Within this category, we have
     - Vision / Mission Coaching
      - Self Managing Teams
      - Team Development Coaching
      - Conflict Resolution Coaching
      - Learning Groups
      - Diversity Coaching

  • Small Business owners, or Entrepreneurs are people who are passionate about their ideas and have lots of energy to pursue their dreams. However, as the business grows and moves forward, they themselves become obstacles to their business. They need guidance on creating the right structure and processes, for which they may not have been exposed to and impatient to focus on. Dealing with people with different energy levels and aspirations may also be very challenging for the driven "Small business owner". SWRV MetaCoaches have Training, Consulting and Coaching programs to suit the needs of Small Business Owners.