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Focus on Excellence

For me life is about Learning and Growing. The more we learn and imbibe, the more we grow. Then Excellence becomes natural in whatever we do. Continuous improvement is a life long journey.

My natural interest has always been in Self learning and growth and helping others learn and grow.

My focus is on helping companies achieve Management Excellence through Training, Mentoring, Consulting and Coaching.

My Expertise is in Strategy Planning, Execution and Creating a high performance work environment.

Mind Power

I firmly believe only strong people can be happy – not the richest, not the wisest but the mentally strongest.

I have always been fascinated by the Inner workings of our mind. Through reading, listening to many spiritual talks, meditation and constant practice for more than 15 years, I have a good grasp of how our mind works and how we can use that for improving our mental strength and mental resilience.

This has led me naturally to the field of Coaching, especially Meta Coaching through which I can help Executives / Leadership teams to develop, unleash and actualize their potentials for achieving their dreams.


The most relaxing activity for me is to meditate for half an hour in the early morning hours and another half an hour of meditation late in the evening. This keeps me healthy and young full of energy and enthusiasm.

Services by me

  • Meta Coaching
  • Speaking
  • Training

my skills

Project Management

Portfolio Management

Strategy Planning and Implementation

Business Excellence Framework Implementation

Executive and Leadership Team Coaching